Monday, August 22, 2011

Glitter days

Was at Tokyo Street.
Off to try Shimino crepes again. I love crepes eventhough I know how fattening it is.

The company is from Harajuku.

I chose mine in Strawberry.

The strawberries + fresh whipped cream taste so good.
Such a guilty pleasure.

Have been lemming over a can can hat for the longest time (since last year)
I finally got it eventhough maybe I am already out of style but prices seems to have drop since when it was first hyped up.
with 2 flowers.
This one is actually the last piece but it is also the cutest one. So I bought it.

There's also lace design on it.

On the makeup side, it seems they brought in the new products for this season.
I think there's not much mentioning of this product too.
KAte jewel karat eyeshadow.

If you are lemming/lusting over the Dolly Wink cream eyeshadows.
This one is a cheaper alternative.
Still in its packaging.
This cream eyeshadow comes in 1.7g of product.
Little goes a long way.

Packaging is sturdy plastic with the very typical Kate style carat cut design on it.
The colour I got is WT-01. There's 8 colours to choose from if I am not mistaken.

The product.
Very shimmery. The shimmers are very fine and subtle.
It's the shimmers that the gyaru girls love.

The last buy aka the buy that broke my bank.

I've got it the foundation the girls from ViVi besides RMK, more expensive than RMK in Japan atleast, but here, it's the same price.
It's the Lunasol water cream foundation N.
Comes in a reflective packaging. Very elegant.

Super elegant right?
My colour is in OC02.
I actually thought of repurchasing my Chanel foundation but then even everything's good.
The colour wise, it's getting yellowish for my skin. I don't know my undertone changed or i got fairer?
This one is still yellow base with hints of pinks but not as yellow as Chanel's. Suits my Asian skin.

I tried the Lunasol at the counter. I like the finish and the texture, a bit watery for a cream foundation but it makes it easy to spread.
Coverage is medium and better than the iquid foundation of the same line.
Smooth and easy to spread and not cakey or streaky (Maybelline Affintone's nightmare).
It contains 60% water so it .
Now I had it for few hours, has not caked up, my face is not oily, no break out yet.
So far so good.
Gonna try it out more on the days I feel more luxurious to put on this expensive foundation.

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