Saturday, August 13, 2011

fruitful day

Had a fruitful haul yesterday with the mum.

I raided almost ... all the stores.

Let's start out with the ones from Forever 21.
a green loose top.
Never can go wrong with these type of tops.

A dirty rose cardigan. Looks gray in the photo.
Needed a cardigan quite badly.

I wanna type mode style. I thought this Vintage rose loose top would go well with the style when paired with black jeans and a few accessories.
It's on sale too~

Frilly mini skirt. Super cute.

It's actually all shimmery and sparkly.
On sale too, I just like bargains.

The end of Forever 21 haul.

Now on to the random brand clothes I got.
Because the girly girl/princess in me wants this frilly top to badly.
So Liza Lisa style.

A top for mode-style experiment, I just need those like crazy print bottoms/leggings. Anyway it's really comfy as a casual top.

I saw the exact same top on a model in Happie Nuts(?) except her's is in white.
I bought it since it was just RM25 anyway~

On the side note. postman came today.
So, I got my lenses.
The brand is Fynale.
I am gonna get them soaking in the multipurpose solution first.

Review later~

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