Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday haul~

A OOTD. I wore the see-through style black top and jeans.

EOTDCircle lens : Fynale lens in Y17 Brown.

Did some haul.
Bought truck loads (actually it's just 5 books) of magazines.
3 books of ViVi, 1 Scawaii and my favourite Popteen.
When I read them while I am exercising, they somehow inspire me. So, it is a must get!

From, Sasa.
It's the famous DollyWink eyeliner.
It is a repurchase. I like the fact the tip is so fine, makes eyelining really easy.

There's the limited edition version.
I didn't buy it because I didn't like the packaging of the limited edition one, I still think the original one is the cutest.

I went to this shop because of how the Popteen girls were talking about Korean brand products and there's sale.

Mask was on sale. 5 pieces for RM12.
Such a bargain.
I got this because Matsumoto Ena recommended this mask.
Models really have the power to make me get something =.=
The more I read what models use, the faster I go broke but this mask is cheap too, doesn't dent the wallet.
3 for RM20.

Etude House precious minerals BB pact.

IKKO-san recommended Etude House's BB items, Marimo raving about it along with other Popteen girls. It is on sale.
Anymore reason not to get it?

Packaging is simple. Nothing too extravagant.

The powder with the word Etude House engraved.

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