Thursday, August 25, 2011

fav. gyaru models

Today I am gonna do a special post on the Japanese fashion models that inspires me.

Let me tell my story first.
I first encountered Gyaru when it was 2005/6. I still remember the first Popteen that I bought.
The one with Ai Otsuka on the cover.
I didn't buy it because I knew about gyaru and liked the gyaru fashion. Then all I knew is Japanese fashion, I categorised everything into one. The Japanese Fashion.
I bought it because Ai Otsuka was on the cover and I wanted a Japanese fashion magazine myself.

Then I have been reading Popteen till this very day.
I went through lots of style changes and model changes.

Ok let's cut the ramble now and I am gonna show my inspirations.

1. Funayama Kumiko ( Kumicky)
Her style is usually sweet and cute and clean which I like. She rocks every style she puts out!
Her makeup is always sweetly done and is simple but still very on point Gyaru. She doesn't go over the top with her makeup (ie too much black eyeliner, thick and long bottom lashes) which I like. It's also very fun to follow her blog and read about her monthly on Popteen. Her undying love for Chopper is so cute. And she has good music taste. In the September issue she recommended listening to Motohiro Hata (Those who hasn't listen to Motohiro Hata has to listen to him, he's what I call a good musician. click here) and she likes Yusuke-san.
When she raves about a makeup item or fragrance, I am sure dying to try it out because who doesn't wanna try stuffs that your style idol tried out and loving it.
She's my style idol and she's the same age as I am.

2. Kawanishi Miki (Mikipon)

She's a very hardworking gyaru on makeup kenkyuu, she's also a gamer. She often studies on famous people's makeup like Hirako Risa, Ayumi Hamasaki, KARA etc.
She's not the type of model that stands out at first sight, it takes awhile to notice her but after knowing about her. She's lovely.
Her style is very ladylike. Her makeup is girlish and simple. Nothing over the top
She also mentioned on liking RADWIMPS.

The rest is in random order and I am not gonna put any explanation.

3. Izuoka Misaki

4. Tsubasa Masuwaka

5. Sano Yukiko

6. Mari Murata (Marimo)

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