Thursday, August 11, 2011


Visit Jogoya Japanese Buffet in Starhill. Eventhough It is stated it is a Japanese buffet restaurant, it also has some Western, Thai and Chinese cuisine.

the pictures will feature the food I ate.
Sashimi. There's Salmon, Tuna, Squid, Talapia etc.
It's really fresh, salmon sashimi is the best!

Egg with Ebiko, Sauna Egg and Daikon Kimchi.

Tenzaru soba

All the girlled/ fried stuffs. There's grilled potato, grilled salmon belly..

Some variety of Sushi and Daikon Kimchi and Chuka Wakabe.

More sashimi with edamame.
Steamed fish in Thai style.
Marshmallow in chocolate fondue.

Temaki sushi.

more fried stuffs.

Evenso, I forgot to take some pictures of other food I ate.
I also ate Haagen Daaz ice cream, New Zealand natural ice cream, lots of mochi and there's tiramisu.

After the buffet, I visited Tokyo Street in Pavillion
Actually, there's nothing much there.

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