Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review : Y11 lens

Fynale Y11 lens in Brown

This is how it looks like on the model.It is 14.5mm.

This is how it looks on my eye.
Colour is not as vibrant as on the model.
It changes the eye colour though.

Enlargement wise : 2/10
There's no visible enlargement at all, it is more for changing the eye colour.

Comfort : 5/10
It gets really dry fast!! After 5 hours or so, my eyes really tired and painful. I have to keep applying wet drops.
Maybe because of the thickness, it felt thicker than my Super Barbie lenses.

Colour : 4/10
Not so visible under indoor lighting but on natural lighting, the difference and be seen.
I like the design a lot,the tri-tone, it's really pretty.

With makeup on, so sorry my fringe is half blocking it.
Gotta trim my fringe soon.


  1. I love brown lenses. These are really pretty. Is the brown truly bright like in the model's photo?

  2. Those lenses look very pretty ^^ Too bad it dries fast >.< thanks for this review, it is really helpful !

  3. @ Shahana,Sadly they are not as bright as on model's ' eyes on my typical Asian dark brown eyes but they are somewhat noticeable.
    Anyway I feel that the model's photo is photoshopped. lol!

    @Tommy, Thanks! Yeap it is really bad it dries fast. =(