Thursday, July 3, 2014

Watsons haul #1

It has been a long time since I did some Watsons (A drugstore in my country) shopping. I just miss the vast selection of cosmetics over here.

Yesterday I sneaked in there and checked out the new releases that I've missed for the past year. 
Damage is still under control, I didn't pick up much stuffs, but I am going there again and I think I am going to do some major damage during the next visit. 

I picked up four items. 2 skincares and 2 lip products. 

What really drew me in into this cream is the word 'Sakura'. I just love everything cherry blossom. They remind me of everything girly, floral and sweet. 
It contains SPF which is a plus point. I can't live without SPF since I am back in this baking oven. The sun always shines right from above.

The cream is pink! How lovely. 
The texture of the cream is just nice. It isn't too thick nor thin. It makes a great day cream. 

Pixy Radiant Finish Lightening Cream. 

I bought this cream to use it as a sunscreen since it wasn't very pricey. 
I have used this cream today, it seems to work just fine but the white of the cream seems to immediately brighten and lighten my skintone. It will work really great for those who has dull skin. 

The cream is white. The consistency is medium thick. 
Blended in. 

ZA Lip Glam Liquid Rouge in RS481.

I got intrigued because it is a liquid lipstick. I like liquid lipstick I find them very easy on the go and I get the pigmentation I want and the glossy finish I like from them all from one product. 

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick. 

I think this is an Asia-only release since I didn't encounter them when I was in Europe. 

I got it in the shade - Pink Punch.

It is a pink with slight peachy tones. I am excited to get more of these lipsticks because they were really affordable and there were so many colours to choose from. I wanted get almost all of the colour and ofcourse I shouldn't because I have too many lipsticks. 

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