Saturday, July 19, 2014

Autumn clothing haul

Clothes in Moscow can be very expensive. So last autumn, I made a haul online so I could get cute and fashionable autumn clothing and bring them back this autumn.

I picked up about 5 autumn wears and 2 dresses. They didn't cost me too much. I spent around USD100 or maybe less for all of them.

The first item I picked up is a cream coloured knitted top with lace at the bottom. I find the lace gave the sweater a cute, sweet, girlish look. 

A pink sweater with a peplum. 

This has got to be my favourite in the bunch! The jewel detailing at the collar just added something to the top, it made it look more expensive than it is.
The jewel detailing doesn't look off or tacky on the collar. 

This top is very edgy with the zipper detailing and flowy fabric coming out of it. My mum likes this one the most. 

Dress with geometric patterns. I find quirky and cute. 

A cute beige dress.

There are more clothing hauls to come soon. Stay tune. 
I got my clothings all from . 

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