Monday, July 7, 2014

Eating out in KL : Fougasse Boulangerie and Patisserie

I remember seeing about this shop on websites. It is on the list of food that you should try in Pandan Indah.

I live very near to Pandan Indah. The other day, after gym, my friend and I dined in Tsim Tsung Restaurant which is opposite Fougasse.

After dinner, we decided to have dessert and we dropped by Fougasse.

Mixed fruit pavlova.

The design is absolute cute. 

I don't is it me because I haven't been eating desserts for quite some time, I find this pavlova extremely sweat. It is really hard to go through the whole pavlova. 
I didn't finish it. I wouldn't recommend trying the pavlova unless you have incredibly high tolerance towards sweetness or ready to get diabetic. 

I can't rate this restaurant yet because I haven't tried their meal but I will go try some day then I would then rate their meals and give an overall review

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