Saturday, July 5, 2014

Travel Diary : Santorini Day One - Akrotiri and Thira

My trip to Santorini was a quick one. We booked our trip from a travel agency and after my exam, we were all ready to set off to Santorini.

My flight was at 5.00am Moscow time, I had to stay overnight in Domodedovo airport to catch the flight.
I am heading to Santorini all lack of sleep with my panda eye.

The airport.

My look before heading to the airport.
for my base, I applied the Bourjois CC cream.

From our plane, we can see the Santorini island! The view from the plane is magnificent!

The travel agency did screwed up a little. At first they told me that Perissa Bay has closed their booking , so I switched my hotel to Sea Side Hotel. When I arrived to Santorini apparently I did not get my reservation for Sea Side Hotel but Perissa Bay.

The reception of Perissa Bay Hotel.

The stairs to my room.

The view of the compound of the hotel.

We arrived the hotel at 9am so our rooms were not ready, we had to stay at the lounge.
So I took a quick shower at the shower room and dressed up. I did not feel to good since I did not shower since the last night in Moscow.

All dressed up and make up done.

Top : H&M
Shorts : Sg. Wang for only RM10!

Our plan of the day is to head to Akrotiri to visit the Red Beach. We do not want to have a hectic day since we are tired from staying overnight in the airport.
Before we head there, we had a short glimpse of Thira.

Thira is extremely gorgeous. We are going to do a full visit tomorrow.

We arrived at Akrotiri. Instead of opting the boat to the Red Beach and White beach. We decided to hike our way to the Red Beach.
I hiked the trail with my beach sandals. So far I did not have any problem with hiking with beach sandals but trainers are advisable.

I am at the top of the world.

The view of the Red Beach is absolutely gorgeous from here. The water is so blue. It looks great with the contrast of the red sand of the beach.

The sun is absolutely scorching at 12-1pm. Being the typical Asian I am, I couldn't bear the sun at all. I felt like every cell of mine are sizzling.
The sand is burning hot. Do not attempt to walk on the sand without sandals.

The beach is jam packed with people trying to tan and have fun at the beach.
I couldn't stand the heat, so after taking pictures around, I quickly ran back.

The 'glamourous' me, trying to get change for the bus.

Another quick walk in Thira before we head back to Perissa.

Let's call it a day with Santorini wine to relax to. 

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