Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shopping at Qoo10

Today I am going to share a favourite online shop of mine.

This website is a joint venture with eBay and Gmarket and it launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipines, China and Japan.

This website sells a range of items from electronics to cosmetics to clothings. You can find almost everything on this website.

I usually shop my Korean cosmetics and also clothings from this site especially Korean cosmetics, it is way cheaper than the jacked up price in the stores over in Malaysia. If you are lucky, you can even get it for cheaper than retail price in Korea.

To maximize the savings. You can talk advantage of early-bird discounts and also time-sales.

Everyday you could go to Qoo10 Lounge to get a ticket to spin the wheel and if you are lucky you would be able to get coupons. Sometimes you get stamps. Collect the stamps and exchange them for coupons.
For every purchase you make, you could exchange them for tickets to spin the wheel.

Click on the attendance card to receive tickets to spin the wheel!

When you confirm delivery and leave a review or premium review aka review with pictures. You can collect more stamps. Collect more stamps and exchange them for coupons.

Over some time with the more amount of purchases made, membership status will be updated. Different status comes with different benefits but you get coupons for purchases!

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