Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Eating out in Akrotiri, Santorini : Taverna Glaros

Before the trip, I did some checking on restaurants in Santorini on tripadvisor.

Taverna Glaros in Akrotiri is one of the restaurants that caught my attention. 
The restaurant is located on the way to the Red Beach. 

Taverna Glaros.

That's a very cute paper towel table cover with the map of Santorini. 

We are served with bread to go with the meal.

Boiled octopus with olive oil.

This dish taste so amazing, I just couldn't get enough of it.
The blend of olive oil with herbs with octopus boiled to perfection taste so heavenly.

I would say this dish is the star of our order.

Tomato fritters

The Santorini cherry tomatoes are native to Santorini. You would never find any cherry tomatoes on Mother Earth similar to the Santorini.
The taste of Santorini cherry tomatoes are more tangy and flavourful.

The tomato fritters are absolutely lovely. It's simple but the flavourfulness and tanginess of tomato just make this dish so wonderful.

The White Santorini Aubergine.

This is a simple homely dish. It is more bland compared to the other dishes we ordered.
Santorini white aubergines are sweet and do not have seeds.

Lamb Souvlaki.

The lamb is grilled to perfection and it is flavourful. I love the accompanying sour cream.
The cucumbers are fresh and juicy, they almost taste like honeydew.
The vegetables are freshly grown in their home garden.

The owner saw us finished our food and how much we enjoyed it, she treated us to a dessert. The owner is a lovely hospitable lady, she also does the cooking.

Homemade Greek Yogurt in Honey, Saffron, Carrots.

This dessert is to die for! It taste so heavenly! Everything blends so well, the sweetness of the honey and slight sourness of the yogurt.

I definitely recommend dropping by this restaurant if you are in Santorini.
It is the most homely and delicious restaurant I've tried in Santorini. If I ever do return to the beautiful Santorini, I will visit this restaurant once again.

The sea view from my table.

Me chomping down every last bite of my food. 

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