Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eating out : Nando's

I am embarrassed to say this but having lived for 20 over years on Mother Earth. I never ever tried Nando's in my life. I know Nando's is really famous over here in Malaysia but I just never got the urge to really try it.

One fine friday, I finally caved in and tried Nando's for the first time of my life.

With four of us, we ordered a platter.
The platter comes with a whole chicken. We have 2 mild and 2 lemon & herbs with four side dishes.
Our chicken with coleslaw and garlic bread.

French fries with Peri-peri sprinkle and potato wedges.

Nando's is known for their spicy peri-peri chicken but for my standards, the chicken isn't spicy at all and I tried them with all the sauces except the Extra Hot Peri Peri sauce because it wasn't brought to our table.

I like the Garlic Peri Peri sauce despite being not spicy but the sourness of the sauce, I guess from the vinegar added on a little thrill to the flavour of the chicken.

Overall not a bad dining experience at Nando's,might go back and try Nando's again.

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