Friday, July 25, 2014

Daiso beauty finds - Winmax lipstick.

It has been a long time since i hop into Daiso and finding cheap thrills. It is always fun to be in Daiso, you can never know when you can find a gem.

I was walking along the aisle of cosmetics, as per usual and I came across these cute lipsticks.

There were three colours available at the rack, I do not know if there were more shades offered. 

The packaging is what that totally got me. It is just so simple and beautiful. The gold printed design on the white packaging gives the lipstick an elegant look.
Very nice packaging for something that cost RM5. 

The down side of the packaging is sometimes the lid closes too hard and it gets quite tough to open the lipstick. I feels like I am going to destroy that lipstick by pulling the lid too hard trying to get it open.

Salmon pink is a rosy pink with brown undertones and slight silver shimmers. 

I destroyed the lipstick while trying to get it out from the box, it was a challenge to get it out from the box. I thought my nails were going to break. 

Cherry Blossom is a medium warm pink. 

I think this is the most beautiful colour among the three and the colour that will complement me the most. 

Mocha is a beige with brown undertones, more like a tea colour. 
It doesn't have a white cast, so it doesn't wash out. 

They are all beautiful, wearable colours and for RM5, it can't go wrong. 
Don't you love finding beautiful and cheap stuffs. 

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