Friday, January 23, 2015

Tiny events #2

It has been a hectic and stressful week, I am half way through my exam period. There are good and really bad incidents through out the week. What can you do? Life is just unfair but life will reward to those who are passionate about it.

"My family bought a new family member to the house. A Syrian hamster. My sister wanted a Syrian hamster quite badly (besides a guinea pig). She often tells me that she wants a Syrian hamster when I chat with with her. So there she goes, mum bought her a Syrian hamster to accompany the other furball snow hamster. They are going to be bff. I hope. "

" Besides Nutella, this is probably my favourite milk and chocolate paste over here. This can only be found in Dixy supermarket stores. I haven't seen them anywhere else. It is good for the price. Creamy and smooth enough for my liking.
I am still in exam period, it ends on the 23rd of Jan and I really haven't been out much from the room thus all the boring pictures from room"

"I got my makeup bag packed.This is a sneak peak of my travel makeup bag. I am leaving for my winter trip right after my last paper on the 23rd of January, so in the mean time I am busy studying and also packing my luggage at the same time. 
'Whats in my travel makeup bag' soon? Well, this post shall go up after I come back from my trip. 
If you want to see a 'What's in my travel makeup bag', I have a UK edition and Santorini edition from my past travel experiences. 
Seems like too many makeup but I tried to cut down the amount of makeup I am bringing. I am those who likes choices eventhough I am travelling, I stocked on the lip products into my makeup bag so I could have more colour choices."

'Painted my nails with Dance Legend Mist Way Collection Nail Polish in Blame. So beautiful. I find it apply much more opaque and nice than the mint coloured one I own. This is going to be my nail colour for the whole trip. I hope it last and dont chip off mid way.' 

The week has seen really boring and mundane. There's not much activities or events going around. It's exam period, no one leaves their room during exam period. 
Anyway, I just want to get this post up because I will be going on a trip and I won't be posting on this blog till February. I will update my instagram during the course of the trip. 
I will be leaving tomorrow night (Moscow time). See you all soon. 

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