Monday, February 9, 2015

Tiny winter haul

I am back from my holidays, I am still on holiday mood and too lazy to do anything at all. 
Meanwhile I sort all of my holiday pictures and slack around . Let's have a haul post to fill up the emptiness that has been here for 2 weeks. 
In this haul, the items are brands from Russia. They were on sale or clearance which is pretty much the one of the reason I picked them up.
I picked up the Divage Kiss Me Lipgloss , Divage Kiss Me Lip Balm and L'etoile Rouge Desir Lipstick.
I paid around 373 Rubles for these three items. If you do the math it is about RM24 USD6.7) at that moment of time which is a steal considering makeup is cheap here at the first place.

L'etoile was having a 40% off storewide until 28th December. Ofcourse I couldn't resist the good sales. I did pick up a lot of high end products from the store and that will be in another post.
L'etoile is like the Russian version of Sephora, they have their own in store brand with great and vast selection.
What caught my eye the most is their new Rouge Desir. From the packaging, they remind me of the creamy lipsticks that most companies are pushing out such as the Dior Addict lipsticks and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine. They were so many colours to choose from, there is  more than 20 colour to choose from. It is really great. There's definitely a shade for everybody.

I picked the shade 411 Princesse. You know, I love my pinks. This is a beautiful medium pink that suits every occasion. With the formula, the colour won't be too loud or bright. It gives a nice high shine wash of medium pink to the lips.

I really like the packaging, the packaging is very sleek and minimalistic with the full black theme. It is also very sturdy. It is also very slim which makes it easy to carry around in the makeup bag, because it will not take up much space.
The downside though, the packaging is such a fingerprint magnet!

Divage is an affordable Russian brand with its own stands.
Divage Kiss Me Lip Balm in 04.
These were on a clear out in the beauty store near my hostel. They were going for 49 Rubles.
Doesn't hurt to have another lipbalm for 49 Rubles. I go through lipbalms really fast since it is winter now and Russia is known for having harsh and cold winters. The harsh winter often try out my skin and lips.
I haven't tried out this lipbalm, I am not sure if it swatches with colour or clear.

Divage Kiss Me Lipgloss in 01
These lipglosses were on a clear out for 49 Rubles too. There was about 2 shades left in the clear out and this shade caught my attention. It is a peachy nude with slight shimmers. The shimmers are not very noticeable unless you really look into the tube.
I was pleasantly surprised by this lipgloss. It is pigmented and it feels quite nice on the lips, quite smooth and creamy. It is not sticky and doesn't apply patchy.
I would say this is such a steal for only 49 rubles.

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