Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tiny haul

Just right before leaving for Winter holidays, I popped by the beauty store near my place just to pick up last minute items to prep myself up for the trip.

I just picked up two items and they are kind of boring items.
The ever so hyped NYX Butter gloss and Vivienne Sabo Blush Duo.

NYX finally has arrived in the beauty store near my hostel around November or December last year. Moscovites could finally catch a glimpse of these ever so raved American brand. For me, back in Malaysia, I could get them from Sephora or ordering them online via a spree for a cheaper price.

I have so many butter glosses why did I get another one.

I left all my butter glosses back in Malaysia because I didn't have enough luggage space to bring all of them over. Also, I just wanted to use the NYX Butter glosses during my winter holidays. Not a very solid excuse to get it. To cut it short, I am a hoarder.

I wanted to pick up "Angel's Food Cake" since I didn't manage to pick it up from my last NYX haul because it was out of stock on Cherry Culture then.

Sadly, It was not in stock here too. So I settled for "Vanilla Cream Pie". I already had this shade but since I do not have it with me now, it does not hurt to pick it up.
The butter glosses are definitely great quality lip glosses from the drugstore. They are pigmented, creamy, smooth and buttery, almost everything you want from a lipgloss.

Vivienne Sabo Blush Duo in 13.
I needed a powder blush, this blush duo seems like a convenient for on the go. It comes with a blush colour and a contour colour.
The blush colour is a peachy pink colour. Contour is a brown with peach undertones, it is a very warm brown.
The duo are really pigmented and they do stay on the skin for some time, around 4-5 hours but the downside is, they are really chalky, they are fall outs all over the blush duo now, making it really dirty.
I could not complain much with the price, it is really affordable on the time of purchase.

I have a FOTD featuring this blush duo coming soon. 

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