Thursday, February 12, 2015

Travel Diary Day 5 in UK : Edinburgh

From London Victoria Coach Station, we took the National Express to Edinburgh at night time, so we could sleep over in the coach, save a day and arrive Edinburgh in the morning.

In Edinburgh we stayed in Westend Hostel, it is a walk from the city center but it isn't extremely far but still considerably far if you do not have the energy to walk, it is about 15-20 mins walk.

What amazes me about Edinburgh is its architecture. The city is a mixture of gothic architecture design from the old town and modern from the new town.
The city is pretty lay back too.

Since we couldn't check in till 2pm, we left my luggages in the hostel's luggage storage area and headed out for breakfast and some walk in town.

We headed to Golden Grill Cafe which is a small and cosy cafe down the Haymarket road.
It serves all day breakfast and the prices is pretty good.

I opted for paninis since I never had them before but they weren't for breakfast and later on, the waiter said it was fine and he could make me a panini.

Bacon & Cheese Panini.
It was lovely and delicious. The cheese is the highlight of the meal, it is very cheesy and flavourful.

After our hearty breakfast, we headed down the Princes Street Gardens. The grass is so green and beautiful. It is considered a 'present' for us the see greenery considering where we are, winter is always monotone, black and white.

The whole park is really photogenic. The green of the grass translates very well on camera.

Edinburgh castle from the bottom of Prices Street Gardens.

We has a good chat with a university student here. He told us that he had never entered Edinburgh castle because it is a tradition for them to visit the castle when only they graduate as a graduation gift from Edinburgh city.
That is a very interesting fact to know.

3, 2, 1 Cheese!

We couldn't possibly miss The Royal Mile. We had a short walk over there because we plan to head back to the hostels, get ourselves wash and freshen up for dinner in The Royal Mile area.

The Royal Mile is definitely a beautiful street to walk along and take lots of photos.
It is also a good place to get souvenirs, just walk down the streets, the prices gets cheaper further away from Edinburgh Castle. There are also many restaurants to choose from this street.

The beautiful St. Giles Cathedral.
We didn't manage to go into the cathedral this time but we got a couple of beautiful pictures outside of the cathedral. 

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