Saturday, February 21, 2015

Eating out Moscow : China News Restaurant. Chinese food!

Happy Chinese New Year.

There is a new Chinese-Taiwanese restaurant - China News near my area. It opened about a month ago.
Chinese food is not very easy to come by in Moscow. Since it was Chinese New Year eve that day, we took the plunge and tried out the new restaurant.

From outside the restaurant, you will be able see the dim sum corner through the class window. Chefs making dim sums through the window.

The interior design of the restaurant has a Taiwanese feel. It is like the food streets of Taiwan.
The design is simple and clean. Giving an illusion that the restaurant is spacious.

Chinese New Year decorations just in time for the festive season. Makes me feel really at home.
Miss spending Chinese New Year with the family.

Chinese Spring Onion Pancake.
This dish is just the average. We find it quite bland since there's isn't a complementary dipping sauce and it lacks the fragrance of the spring onion.

Vegetarian noodles.
This noodles taste bland. There is no flavours in the noodles. This is a dish I would not recommend ordering in this restaurant. 

Roast Chicken.
This is probably the best dish. The chicken is really tender and juicy. 

Xiao Long Bao. This is one of the signature dishes in this restaurant. 
It is not too bad, still a nice dish to have on the table. Maybe my expectation is higher since I have more experience with Chinese food.  I just wish there's more soup in the xiao long bao. 

Char Siu. This is a great dish too.
Char Siu is not my favourite pork dish but sometimes I do like some char siu. This, has a nice ratio of meat and fat layers. 

Seafood fried rice. 
Different from their fried noodles. This dish is flavourful, it has a strong prawn scent. 

Glutinous Rice.
Their signature dish. 
The glutinous rice is pretty bland, maybe we prefer richer taste but it is not bad and the glutinous rice is not as soft but this might be from the different rice quality compared to the rice we usually use to do glutinous rice. Overall, a nice dish to have on the table for a try out. 

Sweet and Sour Chicken with pineapples.
One of my favourite dish. Can't go wrong with sweet and sour. 

Service is great in this restaurant. The waitress is really attentive and the serving time is fast. 

Overall this is nice Chinese restaurant to visit once awhile when you crave Chinese food. There are hit and misses in this restaurant. If I would recommend one dish, it would be the roast chicken. The environment is great too. 
The restaurant located at metro konkova. 

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