Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day and a Latte

Happy Valentine's day everyone.
Do you feel the love in the air? Have you plan anything special for your love ones today?

I did not know that Starbucks had a special Valentine's day blend. I am not a Starbucks person, I do not drink them often, maybe once in 4-5 months so prior to the years before I did not notice anything other than their Christmas blend.

Just so happen I passed by Starbucks yesterday while I was doing my grocery shopping and I thought why not share the love and get their Valentine's blend and also their cake which I wanted to try for some time.

Raspberry latte and triple chocolate cake.

What really drew me to the latte is the fact that the latte is pink!
Pink latte how can a girl resist. It is just too cute to be true.

Half a heart for my pink latte because my Barista is just so fancy.

While sipping the latte though, you can see that the latte is still pink, or more like a pinkish brown.
The latte taste so good, it has hints of raspberry (more like strawberry for me) which adds a girly touch to the latte.
Definitely the latte for all the girly girls outside. 

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