Sunday, January 11, 2015

Eating out Malaysia : Komugi

I am writing this post with some homesick tendencies and being food deprived.

Last summer, I went to try out a new Japanese bakery, it was new for me atleast because I wasn't there when I was back during 2013 summer.
It is located in Tokyo Street, the top floor of Pavillion Shopping Complex.

I love cakes and pastries. Don't we girls just love them. No matter how full we are, we always seem to have this special second stomach to fill it up with desserts. I craved dessert after lunch.
So after having Ippudo Hakata Ramen, we decided to have some desserts in Komugi.

Yukitama, Tofu Cheesecake , Fuwa Fuwa (ふわふわ) Cream Bun

The lighting in the cafe cast a lot of shadows and has grey out my pictures, thus apologies for the grey tone. It doesn't do justice to food photography.

Tofu Cheesecake

Since it contains tofu, the texture is not as soft and creamy as a normal cheesecake would be, it is slightly rubbery and more chewy. From the picture, you can see the cake is firm. As opposed to normal cheesemake, sometimes you can see it slightly melty or "fluffy". The tofu has lighten the cheesy taste and the sweetness of the cake. I like it. It gives a new twist to the cheesecake, giving a mild and subtle flavour.

Fuwa Fuwa Cream Bun

This is one of the shop's signature.
Like its name, it is really ふわふわ。In Japanese. fuwa fuwa means fluffy, light, airy,marshmallow-like. The bun was served slightly warm so it was a delight. The waitress must had heated up for us.Warm buns just taste so much better, they are more aromatic. The texture of the bun is really soft, light and airy. The warmth also contributed to extra fluffiness. It is filled with custard cream  inside. The custard cream is smooth and sweet and compliments very well with the bread.

Yukitama Chantilly Cake

Well, this is a disappointment.It taste like a dense sponge cake. There's nothing special to it. It is like a sweet dense sponge cake. That is all.
Maybe it is because we ordered the original praline which no not contain any filling thus it was plain and basic. Might turn out better with filling. Next time we are going to try the flavours with fillings.

How could all these desserts could we enough for us dessert lovers. Naturally we have to add on our order.
So we called for the shop's signature Hanjyuku Cheese Cake.

半熟 means half cooked/ half baked in Japanese.
It could be said that this cheese cake is the cheese cake version of a Chocolate lava cake (minus all the meltyness liquid in the middle).
This cake taste so good.
The outside , Japanese fluffy cheese cake and inside is soft and slightly liquidy (like a not fully baked cake, to bakers out there I guess you know what I am trying to convey) but not to the extend the content spills away when you slice the cake into half. In the mouth, the cake just melts into creamy and soft goodness. Heaven.
If I were to recommend any cakes from Komugi, this would be it.

So far, from my first trip to Komugi, I like most of the desserts there and I can't wait to head back and try out more of their selections. 

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