Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nail polish haul : Pink Up! and Dance Legend

Another four nail polishes followed me home to join my army of nail polishes.
This is the first time trying out nail polishes from Dance Legend. I have been wanting to try out this brand for quite some time. The selection in the beauty store is pretty pathetic and I am too lazy to place an order online, pay for postage or travelling to collect it.
In the end, I still got two from the beauty shop after selecting for some time.

Two Pink! Up and two Dance Legend nail polishes. That is what I got.
The nail polishes from Pink! Up are from their new Masquerade line. I am not where is this brand from, I haven't seen this brand anywhere else except in Russia. I am guessing it is a Russian brand.
Dance Legend. Nail polish-holics might have heard of this highly praised Russian brand, I have seen it compared to many renowned brands. After much deciding, I finally settled with the Mist way collection. Probably because it was the prettiest collection available in the beauty store. I am kinda bumped that they do not carry new collections from Dance Legend. I wanted the Galaxy and Smoky collection but they are nowhere to be found and the only way to get them is to order them online which is too much a hassle for me right now. Maybe after my winter holidays, I might reconsider if they don't stock it up in the store.
From the Mist Way collection, I picked up Morning Dew and Blame.
Morning Dew is a mint green and Blame is a lavender-pink. The polishes in this line contains golden flakies (I am not sure what is the exact term to call it) which gives it a nice twist of romantic look.

They really don't have names for it.
The blue one is loaded with multiform glitters. It is pretty in the bottle and it reminds me of Frozen and Elsa's blue dress.
Despite being pretty in the bottle, it does not apply pretty. The nail polish is really sheer, it took me about 4-5 coats to achieve my desired opacity. On my nails, it does not look like a pretty light blue which I was hoping for. It appeared blue-grey. What a disappointment.

The pink nail polish from Pink! Up is pretty in bottle pink with gold shimmers. Sweet and elegant colour. On the other hand, this look really pretty on the nails too. It took me 2 coats to achieve my desired opacity.
The camera does not pick up its colour and the gold shimmers. In real life, I swear that this colour is beautiful and I am not bias because it is pink.

Dance Legend nail polishes are all about quality. These Mist Way nail polishes are no different. I like the texture of these nail polishes but I still find them not as good as the Sally Hansen or China Glaze.
The Mist Way nail polishes are more sheer in consistency, the first layer applies patchy. It took about 3-4 coats for me to achieve my desired opacity.
This is the finish look. The finish is a "crelly" (cream + jelly) finish.
The flakies isn't very obvious in real life, you have to look really close up to notice the flakes. This is pretty much the disappointing point of it but otherwise, it is very beautiful and the polishes are great,

I am looking forward to trying other Dance Legend nail polishes. 

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