Friday, January 2, 2015

Walking out Moscow : Citylights & Starbucks

The Citylights in Moscow this year for new year is pretty awesome. The government did spend a great deal of money to transform the City of Moscow into a beautiful city of new year lights.
I went out to Bolshaya Dmitrovka street to run some errands and I was surprised by beautiful city lights.

The lights are colour changing, from reds to blue to greens and even so multi coloured.
Ice sculptures are also along the street and "mirror-like" display.

These are little Christmas-y / New Year booths along the shop streets of Bolshaya Dmitrovka.
Along this street, there are a lot of restaurants and cafes.

After running my errands, popped into Starbucks. Oh wow, the Holiday blend is still available in this Starbucks. I have been to about five Starbucks and without luck, the Holiday blend is always not available or sold out.
I am really happy that the holiday blend is still available in this Starbucks. Maybe because this Starbucks is located in the city thus they have more stock of the Holiday blend.

Holiday blend and carrot cake.
Starbucks' carrot cake is taste so heavenly. The cake so moist and the cream cheese rich.

The Starbucks is so crowded that we had to wait to get a seat. The weather is so cold outside, everyone just want to snug into a coffee shop to get themselves a warm cup of coffee to warm their soul up. 

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