Thursday, January 22, 2015

Travel Diary Day 4 in UK : London : Eating out Wasabi, British Library

After our wonderful and delightful trip in the world of Harry Potter at the Universal Studios, we headed back to Central London.

St. Pancras International Hotel. 
Such a beautiful hotel. The architecture and design in London is so wonderful. Almost every building is so beautiful designed.
Couldn't resist taking a picture with the hotel. 

For a quick bite, we had 'Wasabi' at King's Cross.
It is a great place for a quick bite and take outs. The food is pretty delicious for its affordable price.
It was really cold in the station because it is almost turning night. The seats are metal do not help us to keep warm at all. 

While waiting for our soup noodles to be served. Booked a place.

Salmon soup noodles.

Nice amount of salmon and vegetables in the soup. The lemon added a flavour of zest to the soup. Making the soup more fragrant and appetizing.
It was pretty delicious. I guess because it is so cold, a hot soup would just turn any situation for the better.

After our meal, we walked a few blocks down the road to visit the British National Library.
I know it is impolite to be all touristy in the library and taking pictures but we did do everything as quietly as possible, not to distract anyone. We have been good which proved from not being chased out from the library.

I have never been to many libraries in my life. When I was in secondary school, I always stop by the national library located near Dataran Merdeka where we would often hang out there, read some chic-lit. This is probably the only library I ever visited in my entire life besides my university's but it does not look like a library for me to actually call it a library.

When I step into this library, I am wowed. The tall array of antique books behind the glass window. I couldn't take my eyes of it. Books possibly dating back to the 15th century till the early 19th century nicely arranged behind those glass walls.
It just amazes me.

Behind those glass walls...

That pretty much summarizes our trip in London. We will be back to London they day we leave back to Moscow.
The same night, we headed of to a beautiful city in Scotland, Edinburgh.

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