Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year!
Hello 2015 and Goodbye 2014.

2014 has been a memorable and great year for me. It is really happening year for me,a lot of opportunities and memories are created. Well, there are down moments too but I would say the up moments shines over the down. 
2015, I will be 24, still not at quarter life but so close to it. Mentally I do not feel 24, maybe it is the environment I am in. I am still in university, coming close to ending it next year September. It is the university life that makes me feel that I am still in my early 20s. I like life as it is now, I am afraid of the day when step into society and start working. Within these 2 years (2015 and 2016), I have to mentally prepare myself for the challenges. 

2014 has been great. I have been given opportunities. 2014, I manage two visit two countries, Italy and Greece. Chances like this do not come easily, I have to thank my parents for making this come true by sending me to study in Europe. Also, I manage to catch the Winter Olympics. This is what I call a golden opportunity. 

It is also my blog's 5th birthday. It has been a long journey since I started blogging in 2010, time really flies.
I did not even realize I have been blogging for that long.
This blog is very precious to me since it does hold memories down the memory lane. When I get bored I do scroll back my old post and reminiscence the good old days. 

Let's go ahead for a New Year activity post.
So on new year's eve. I had the chance to catch a circus show in the Big Moscow Circus
I bought these tickets one month prior to the show for someone as a Christmas gift. New year eve's is a popular day and tickets are hard to grab, I am glad I did manage to grab it. Things have to be pre-planned a month earlier though.

It is a full house! 

For new year's eve, we a surprise from the crew, a surprise Christmas tree.

Overall, the circus was pretty enjoyable. There are acrobatic moves and also the use of animals. It is not a cruel way of animal use. There are use of leopards, dogs, kangaroos and bears.
The dogs are particularly cute especially the pomeranian ( I might be wrong with the breed).
The circus is fully conducted in Russian, even so, it is not hard to grasp the storyline.

The Church of Christ the Saviour.

We are heading towards the bridge which looks over the Moscow River and Red Square to experience the fireworks display in a less crowded manner.

You can get a great view of Red Square from the bridge.

The fireworks show begins. Happy New Year 2015.
The fireworks is nothing sort of grand but still a very lovely sight.

Sticking in a New Year eve selfie. A FOTD post will come some time soon.
The wind was really strong on New Year's Eve and it was snowing. You can feel that snow flakes hitting on your face. Not a great weather on New Year's Eve.
I wrapped myself up in anything thick and warm that I could find from my closet. 

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