Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Santorini Haul

I did manage pick up some beauty products when I was in Santorini since most of the time I have been wondering in Fira. Mostly, I picked up Greek beauty/skincare products that are obviously cheaper and more accessible in Greece.
Greek famous beauty/skincare products are usually found in Pharmacies.

Here's the damage done on the first day on the Island. 

Hondos Center is the only department store in Santorini, which is located in Fira. In that store, I picked up some YSL items since we do not have YSL in Malaysia except in KLIA terminal and the price was cheaper than in Russia then. 
From the pharmacy, I got Korres and Apivita products. Apivita and Korres are well known brands in Greece. 

Apivita cream with propolis. The salesgirl recommended this to me for problematic skin. The cream smells purely like propolis. 
Anyway, this cream is not for me. Just getting it for someone who breaks out time to time. 

From Korres, I got this Santorini Vine collection as a souvenir. The smell ain't particularly for my liking but since I was in Santorini, why not grab this gift set as a remembrance and souvenir for the family. 

A pretty gift set from Korres indeed. I like the Santorini print behind the gift set.

Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation in BR20
Hondos Center was having a 30% off on all high-end cosmetics and perfumes.
The sales assistant in Hondos Center is really nice and helpful. She matched me to this foundation and it was a perfect match on my skin. This is my first YSL foundation. 

Another YSL product I picked up is the YSL Kiss & Blush in 9 Rose Epicuren. 
I have been eyeing on this product eversince it was launched. I find the whole lip and cheek hybrid product very interesting,

Here is a swatch of the YSL Kiss & Blush in Rose Epicuren. 
It is a baby lavender-pink. Very sweet colour, I fell in love with this colour when I first swatched it. 

This is the purchases on the last night. I did have some dramatic experience with the lip butters. 
While Korres is very accessible in Santorini island since it is a Greek product but due to high popularity, their lip butter are mostly sold out with only a few shades left. All these lip products are actually bought from different pharmacies.

The Lip Butter in Wild Rose and Jasmine are bought in Oia. I do not intend to get Wild Rose, infact I wanted Quince but the sales lady gave me the wrong shade and I did not realize till I was back in the hotel. So the next day I had to search for it, I went to 3 different pharmacies and also Hondos Center in Fira and I think there were only three pharmacies. I finally got Quince from the pharmacy close to Carrefour. I think it is the more secluded pharmacy out of the three pharmacies there since the other two were at nearer to the bus stop and on the way to the Central Square. 

The glory of my Korres lip butters. 

The Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer is also something I have looked out for. Glad to found it at one of the pharmacies. It was such a challenge finding certain Korres products in Santorini

That's all for my beauty haul in Santorini. I am not done with my Santorini holiday series post but I have some up. 
Here are links to the post if you are interested. 

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