Thursday, December 18, 2014

Little beauty shop haul : body lotion and Bourjois

I went a little hauling crazy this month, there are more hauls to be posted but I need to get them sorted out.
Let's start off with this haul which I did about 2 weeks ago at the local beauty store.

Winter is here. My skin has been really dry and flaky especially my legs, they are so scaly.
So I headed to the beauty store to get some body lotion and oh my, I left the shop with one huge tub of body lotion and another tub of body butter.
Organic Shop is a local Russian brand that promotes organic skincare or beauty products, they contain simple organic ingredients and no SLS, parabens or silicons. Not to mention they are very afforable which gives them a thumbs up from me.
The bad side, they do contain fragrance. Not too organic after all but I do not mind since the price tag is so affordable.

I adore sweet , dessert-like smelling items. So, I picked up the Body Dessert Body Lotion in Caramel Cappucino. This smells so good, makes me feel like drinking cappucino or caramel macchiato. It smells divine.
The Organic White Choco & Shea Body Butter smells really good too, it doesn't smell sweet that is too artificial and sickly, it has a very nice chocolate, cacao smell. I am already 3/4 on this tub and I have just started using about a week and a half ago. This proves how much I like it. My skin has been feeling very soft and moisturized.
Definitely running to get a second tub when I am done with it.

The Caramel Cappucino is so huge beside the Organic White Choco and Shea. Base on the weather and the rate I use lotions in winter, they will be gone in two months or so.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet were on sale. I couldn't help but to treat myself with these liquid lipsticks. They are by far my favourite drugstore matte liquid lipsticks. It would be a sin not to pick them up and it is the first time they were on sale since they were released here in Moscow.

and a little secret, with the current exchange rate, I paid really little for these liquid lipsticks. It is a good time to do shopping in Moscow now.

The two shades I picked up is Ole Flamingo! and Nude-ist.

I do own Nude-ist and this is actually a back-up. It is my favourite shade out of all the Rouge Edition Velvet since it is the most neutral and wearable. I was actually eyeing on Peach Club but unfortunately Peach Club is all sold out. Might need to go back to the store to check whether they stocked it back up.What a bummer. There were some  Nude-ist shade left on the display, so I thought to just grab it up as a back-up.

The other I chosen is Ole Flamingo. It is a straightdown bright fuchsia. The colour payoff so pigmented that one swipe is all that is needed. I even had difficulties removing the swatches from my hand, it took atleast 3 days to get rid of the stain on my hand. That proves how pigmented and long lasting it is.

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