Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas haul : Apple & Cinnamon

Merry Christmas everyone!
Hope everyone is having a fun Christmas. 
This is a random haul that I did at the beauty store near my hostel. There was a discount on Maybelline eyeliners and I do need eyeliners since I only have one Maybelline liquid eyeliner which I fear might dry up soon. So, It was a good chance for me to head to the store to grab them.

The Glade Cosy Apple & Cinnamon air freshener is a random purchase but air freshener is considered a room necessity to keep the room smelling fresh and nice. With such a Christmas-y scent on the most wonderful time of the year. It is a total plus point.

I got a a black and brown eyeliner from the Maybelline Master Precise line. If you only need two eyeliner colours in your life. Brown and black it is.
Black for the more glam look days and the brown for an everyday natural look or the no makeup look.

It is a felt tip eyeliner and the nip of the eyeliner is very fine which makes drawing really easy and fool-proof.
For the price I paid, I would say this is one great eyeliner.

Oh! So Matt! This colour is a new release from Essence to replace on of their older nude shades.
Nude are always welcome in my lipstick army. I could not resist picking this up in the end.
Whenever, I am at the Essence counter, I will definitely be swatching this lipstick because it is beautiful.

It is a beautiful beige nude. The finish should be matte as said by Essence but I do not think it finishes matte at all. It is more of a satin-matte finish. It doesn't bother me at all.
Like most of Essence's Longlasting lipstick, this lipstick is creamy and pigmented. 

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