Saturday, December 6, 2014

Essence TE Hello Autumn haul

Since winter is here, the sun has been setting really early in Moscow which makes photography really challenging with the little amount of sunlight.
This makes me not have the mood to take pictures of my hauls. I will slowly take time to get them posted when the lighting gets good and not so gloomy or dark or I would just use my ugly table lamp lighting. 

An introduction to my haul.
I am so excited that finally Essence Hello Autumn has been launched in Moscow. I did take them quite long to arrive here. I thought it would never seen daylight over here.
This collection is one of the collection that I have been very enthusiastic about I find a few products to my liking, like the lip cream and colour adapting powder blush. 

In the end, I picked up four items from the collection, one item is not in the picture because it is a back-up. 

I picked up , Lip cream in keep calm & go for a walk (That is a mouthful),  Colour Adapting Blush in Beauti-fall Red, Multicolour powder in Autumn & The City.

I myself, am very intrigued by the way the blush works. Maybe I have been living under a rock but I have never seen a colour adapting powder blush, usually it comes in cream or gel form.

It applies on like a very glittery highlighter and according to the body's chemistry, it will transform into a flush that suits your skintone.  Unlike its name, it doesn't turn red. It turns to a nice soft pink flush on me.

A close look of the powder blush, in the pan, it is a white highlight colour with pink undertones and golden shimmers. Really beautiful.

Because of the golden shimmers, the blush leaves a highlighting effect on the skin.

Essence Multi-colour powder in Autumn & The City.
When I saw this powder, I just thought how beautiful it is. It really reminds of fall with the leaves texture and mixture of browns in the palette.

The mixture of light champagne shades and dark browns are design to give your face a little 'colour' and glow.
You do need to apply with a heavy hand to have some 'colour' or 'glow' , it doesn't really show up. Because of that, it does work as a powder.

For the design, it is a novelty item to own. Just so gorgeous in the pan

Essence Hello Autumn in keep calm & go for a walk.
This item is what I am so excited for. As most know Essence has discontinued like lip cream and for them to it back up for a TE, I am all for it.
I love their lip cream, it is comparable to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.

Keep calm & go for a walk is a nude with pink undertones. They have another one in a red colour but since lately I am more into the nudes, I thought I would just go with this one and leave the red for some other time or purchases.
This is the product which I even got a backup for it.

That's all I got for my Essence haul.
There are few more Essence items that I am looking forward to getting but it still haven't been restocked. As soon as I get my hands on them, another Essence haul will come up. 

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