Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Nail Polish haul : Sally Hansen & China Glaze

New collection of nail additions into my collection.
These are the new four babies in my collection.
From Left : China Glaze nail polish in Sweet Hook, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Cafe au Lait and Mauve Along and China Glaze in Pink-ie Promise.

Up until now I have never tried China Glaze nail polishes. The other day, the beauty store near my hostel had an offer on China Glaze nail polishes and I thought why not grab the opportunity and try the nail polishes. As usual I stayed with the colours in my comfort zone. I know it is getting boring and I should venture out for more exciting colours.
"Sweet Hook" is a lilac creme, I probably have so many colours of this shade but this shade is just too beautiful and it is very suitable for daily wear, since it is very feminine and toned down.
"Pink-ie Promise" is a muted down barbie pink. If you love barbie pink but you don't want it to be too loud and a mature, feminine kick, this is the shade for you.

So far, I haven't really painted my nails with these polishes. The most I did was swatching them on my nails. I really like formula from swatching it, it is a little thick but it evens out and dries down very nicely. Not streaky at all.

The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure are currently my favourite nail polishes!
It is very easy to apply with the wide brush head, it doesn't streak, two coats is all that is needed for a nice opaque colour, 3 if you want to be safe and it doesn't chip until a week. That is the total plus point, it doesn't chip until a week. With the price, that is better than a salon manicure.
Rive Gauche are having a sale on these nail polishes for 149 Rubles each and I can't help myself and picked up two more shades.
They are nudes. Super pretty nudes, especially Mauve Along. I am no good when it comes to explaining colour, I would say Mauve Along is a nude creme with mauve and pink tones. It is very different from all the nudes which I own. This one just stole my heart away.
Cafe au Lait is more of the typical nude. It is beige nude with slight silver shimmers that is barely visible upon application. A very neutral colour that is suitable for everyday use.
Now I am eyeing on the Miracle Gel nail polishes. I will definitely grab when they go on sale. I am a cheapo, I am not willing to fork out more than 250 Rubles for nail polish

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