Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Drugstore New Year Haul

Rive Gauche is having some good deals on selected cosmetics and perfumes for the month of December and January. I picked these items up early of December when the racks are still stocked.
All items purchased were on offer and discount so I have made pretty good savings.

I like Pupa cosmetics, I own two of their Princess Shiny Lip Fluid which I also picked up from Rive Gauche and they are amazing.
This lipstick is nominated the best drugstore lipstick by beauty experts of Rive Gauche which made me wanted to try it out. It must be really good to receive such an award.

These shiny casing are the death of photography. They will never come out pretty in pictures.
The packaging isn't the most aesthetic looking and the whole shiny silver packaging does make it look not attractive at all. I won't say it looks cheap because it does not at all, the packaging is sturdy and it has a nice grip to it. It is so stumpy looking though.
Well, it should be all about the product quality , not about the packaging. Let's stop complaining about the packaging. A good packaging earns an extra brownie point though.

The colour I picked up is 402 Candied Pink. You know how much I love my pinks, I can't resist picking up a pink colour.

As you can see, the brand name "Pupa" is engraved on the bullet. It does give it a sort of a more expensive look to it.
Candy Pink is a warm pink with slight hint of coral to it. It is a spring/summer colour, very bright and fun.
So far, I like the lipstick. I do plan on getting more colours but I haven't seen a colour I really want yet. Also, I am eyeing on their Velvet Matt line. Let's hope they will have an offer soon for that line.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick.
These lipsticks are so affordable yet so great. This time I picked up two more shades, Asia (left) and Heartbreaker (Right).
Heartbreaker is for my mom. It is a deep pink with slight red tones. I am not sure if she would like it but I think she will. It is a elegant and mature colour with its muted tones, very suitable for an everyday use.
Asia is a mauve with brown undertones. It is the winter nude colour. Also, it reminds me of a "Kylie Jenner" lip colour. It is super gorgeous, it has been my winter colour. I have a FOTD with me with this lip colour.

I really love Rimmel's Lasting Finish Lipstick. The price is great, they are so creamy and pigmented. Over time on the lips, it can be a little drying but it isn't a big problem for me, a lip balm could fix it.
The tube for "Asia" is a little wonky though, I got a faulty tube, I had to twist the tube multiple times to twist the lipstick up and then down. I am a little worried that it would go completely off that I wouldn't be able to twist it up and down anymore. But, so far so good.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 103 True Ivory.
This foundation is one of the best drugstore foundation I have ever used. It lives up to the raves from beauty bloggers.  Drugstores have been on their A game in foundations, I have found a lot of foundation gems from the drugstore.
This foundation was on offer for a very affordable price for 219 Rubles (with the rate then about RM14.50) , so I picked up a bottle as a back up. I am hoarder, I know that.

Maybelline Baby Lips.

Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Clear Intensive Care.

Maybelline products are on 1+1 = 3 offer till the end of December. I saw the Baby Lips display and thought why not stock up on some lip balms.I get through lipbalms really fast because I use them daily and always constantly applying them and even applying them to sleep (the clear ones not the coloured one, no one wants a kiss mark on the pillow). 

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