Monday, January 12, 2015

Tiny events #1

I thought of starting this new series in my blog documenting a compilation of photo that I randomly take in a day with some stories behind it, captions.
It is somewhat like a project 365 just without the 365 days. I won't be documenting all 365 days, maybe 3-4 days in a week.

It has been a journey in Russia, I have been studying here for over 5 years and the next would be my last. I have always thought of documenting small little details in life to do like a weekly check in on my life here but I never did it, I was lazy and uninspired then but this year I want took take this chance to document the short one year that I am left with in this country to document the tiny details in life. So that, after I leave this place, I still have something to hold on to, to reminiscence.
University life in Russia is not a everytime chance, it only happens once in my life, so I would like to make as much memories out of it.

Let's start with uninteresting food post but it might get interesting along the way.

"I am not a Mcdonalds lover but I love their breakfast menu especially the Mcmuffins. The muffins especially eaten warm is so fluffy and soft.
I just dislike the fact that I have to get up before 10am to catch them.
Anyhow, I woke up early on one snowy day to get these Mcmuffins cravings satisfied before my grocery shopping.
Mcmuffin with egg. My favourite of all the muffins.
Also on the last day of our semester we missed our Mcmuffin chance due to class issues (let's keep it private) and heavy traffic due to heavy snow. We arrived in McD just slightly after 10am and the menu has changed to the normal menu. We wanted to settle despite the menu change but McD was so crowded, so we settled for Burger King"

"Karelia pastry. We spotted this unique pastry in Stokmann. I haven't heard about or seen this pastry before. It is the first time seeing it.
Stokmann boulangerie section has pastry and bread from around Europe and also locally made in Russia. This pastry is imported from Finland.
There were 3 flavours to choose from, potatoes, rice and rice with carrots. We chose rice with carrots and oh my, it taste really good. "

"Silver earrings that someone special got it for me. My old earrings faded really terribly. I could not complain because they aren't silver or gold they are just fashion earrings from Diva. They are bound to fade sooner or later with me wearing it 24 hours a day 365 days a year. They are really nasty looking now. Turning all coppery and green.
I did not expect that someone special to swipe the debit card on my behalf. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate it. "

" Pizza hut after a long tiring day. We had our pizza dinner/supper close to 10pm, probably the 2nd meal of that day.
Pizza hut has just opened a branch not too long ago in one of my regular grocery shopping spots. The price is pretty reasonable.
What I like the most is that they prepare the pizza on the spot when you place your order. They are not pre-made cold pizza so, you will get nice pipping hot pizza fresh from the oven.
These are the Pizza Hut Supreme and Chicken Pizza. I like the chicken pizza much better, the onions add more flavour to the pizza. Probably the best affordable pizza you can get in Russia right now."

" Russian confectionery. I got a whole bunch of them prior to New Year.
Alyonka (Аленка) and Babaevsky (Бабаевский) are famous Russian confectionery brands that has been around for ages.
These are the selections of my favourite Russian confectionery from various brands including Alyonka and Babaevsky. I got to say Babaevsky is my favourite. "

" Current situation : Exam period. It is war on my study table.
I am not an organized person, I am very messy. Everything gets even messier when it is exam season.
It is really stressful but yet I feel so uninspired to study,"

" I have been staying in the room all day and night right now since it is exam season so I am really disconnected with the outside world.
There's a snowstorm outside in the morning. It has been snowing everyday of late and the weather has been cold in Moscow right now that I refuse to get out of my room door and all I want to do is snuggle in my bed the whole day. " 

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