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New Year Resolution 2015

Every new year, we have people talking about resolutions and what would you like to do in the new year. I know this thing gets boring but what better time to set new goals to kick start the year ahead.
Setting up goals is all about embracing changes whether it may be changes for a better, healthier you, finding yourself etc. 

Let me rewinds my year back to 2014 and check my resolution. 
I am proud to say that I have achieved some of the goals I have set. Also, there are some goals that I have yet to achieve but in the process. Looking back, I can say I came a long way. It is not like I did not put any effort into the resolutions. I am still proud of myself.

On the more materialistic note. My beauty wishlist of the year 2014.
I got some of them I didn't get some of them. Through out the year, I did switch up my wishlist here and there.
The items that I managed to tick off my wishlist are the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush and Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick.
The one that didn't join my collection are the Stila Convertible Colour and Chanel Le Blanc Light Revealing Whitening Fluid Foundaiton.

Let's stop the rambling and head on to 2015's resolutions.

So, 15 new resolutions for 2015. What could they be.

2015 resolutions 

- Lose 5 more kgs and maintain my goal weight
I have came a long way from being the fat bum to so close to my goal weight. This has been on my resolution for the longest time ever but I never had actually put much effort on it, in the year 2014, I have been putting more effort with weight loss with changes in my diet , like downsizing my portion, eating healthy and clean, stop the fast food and picking up some exercising routine. With it, I manage to lose weight but weight loss is an up and down graph, there are times I do hit a plateau and get very frustrated and sad. Still, worth every effort I put in.

- Travel more
Travel is good for the soul. Travel opens up our perspective and view towards the world. It opens experiences of a new culture, lifestyle and also unobtainable knowledge from the books.
With travelling, I have grown more as a person and found myself. It is a good soul-searching remedy. 

- Blog more often on my beauty stuffs, my daily life and interest
With 2014, I have blogged more than 2013 and I hope that I can keep up this trend. My blog is my own beauty diary and to some extend a personal diary in some ways (but not too personal). In 2015, I hope to incorporate more on my daily life (something more personal and day in a life-ish), interest besides beauty (like my food hunting, travel) to spice up my blog.
Well, since my blog do serve as my life diary I do hope to leave memories in my blog. Which reminds me, I need to get all my travel diary up and be more productive in blogging.

- Spend less on unnecessary stuffs, save money and manage my finances
I admit it I am a hoarder. This is a very bad habit I need to get rid off. With me going to graduate soon, I do hope I could complete my Europe tour before I head back to Asia. To travel, I do need money.
I need to manage my finances to not to have retail therapy tendencies if I do want to travel.

-Maintain my exercise routine
Eversince I started exercising. I felt much better physically as a person. I do get sick as much as before, the most I get is just cold and it do not last that long as before. Those days I could get a cold for a month accompanied with fatigue, migraine and sinusitis.
Anyway, since it is exam period, I am slacking on this since I do not have exercise space, can't distrub my roommates or blockmate. Will get back to business after my winter holidays.

-Spending more time with love ones, keep in touch with them
With many tragedy happening in the Year 2014, it struck me that life is short. You will never know what will happen tomorrow. Cherish every moment, spend more time with love ones.
I am studying abroad, very far from home and my family. I do hope to make an effort to keep in contact with my family daily. I am so glad that we are living in this cyber age where we are connected by the mobile, skype, messengers.
Also, glad my family have been cyber savvy, even the dad who is stuck in the stone age has his iphone! Now I could contact him via whatsapp. I am also happy that my sister is contacting me via wechat, she use to not reply my messages.
Mum? She is always chatting with me via facebook messenger and whatsapp.
I hope to keep this habit.

-Learn to bake
I am not the world's worst baker and also not close to being one of the best. I do hope to learn to bake other things either than my old butter cake or cheese cakes.

-Cut down the sugars
I am on a diet and I have been eating a lot of greens but after meal I still couldn't help myself from getting a sweet or two or even munching on sweet food like biscuit, cookies, cakes.
No matter how healthy or clean eating I am, this is just going to wreck my diet. Let's start down slowly by downsizing the portion of the sweet foods I take in and replace it with healthier options like yogurt, fruits etc

-Try out more makeup brands
I love makeup and collecting makeup is also one of my interest. Of late, I am venturing out to higher ends makeup brands and trying the out. Most brands have blow me out of the water and with this, I do hope I am able to try them  out more (hope my finance allows me to). Also, I would love to try out makeup brands from different countries. Let's set an aim to get makeup brands that I can't get in my country and also where I live now whenever I go travelling.

-Buy Less, Choose Well
I like collecting makeup as I said from my previous resolution but that doesn't allow me to hoard and buy anything as I like. Quality over quantity. This is how it should be.
When I was just starting this blog, I would buy anything just because it is cheap and not because I know I am going to use it or it is a product of quality. In the end, the product is left collecting dust in my vanity. Some got thrown away and some gifted away.
Now I will make sure to read reviews before purchasing the product and make sure that the product is something I will use often and not something I buy for the sake and letting it rot in vanity. Something I aim for this year and hope to maintain it.

-Say "NO"
I know people are about saying 'yes' but you can't say 'yes' to everything.Like saying 'yes' to things that I do not want to do or uncomfortable doing it. I am the type who says 'Yes' most of the time and over time, I realize it is pointless pleasing people when you are not happy yourself because not everyone appreciates the effort you put into doing it and sometimes people take you for granted because you are so used to saying 'yes' and they think it is natural for you to do so.
So say 'no' to things that doesn't make you happy and only 'yes' to people who actually appreciates it or people worth saying 'yes' to.

-Be less negative
Not everything bad is negative, there are good sides to everything that happens.

-Invest in a good eyecream
I hate to say this but I am almost hitting quarter life and I am starting to notice a little crow's feet at the end of my eyes. Looks like it is time to hunt down a good eyecream instead of relying of the supermarket racks one which might be not too moisturizing for my skin anymore.

-Incorporate a "no buy month" in the year 2015
I am a hoarder and collector thus my collection has become quite overwhelming. I need to get started with a no buy month so that I could have time to shop my stash and declutter my stash and find old loves from my vanity.

-Reach out to people with my blog
This is quite a secluded and uninteresting blog most of the time with not much content but somehow in someway, I would wish to reach out more to the community with my blog this year. It is not about hitting how many followers, wrecking the bloglovin' or view counts.
I do hope to be more productive and inspirational with my blog post that could inspire or reach out to people out there.

So that is my 15 resolutions for the year 2015. Wow, this is such a long blog post and it actually took me about 5 days to construct this post. Now it is finally up.
So for the next post, it is going to be more on the materialistic side, it is my beauty wishlist for the year 2015.

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