Saturday, August 4, 2012


Elianto, is a Malaysian brand cosmetics but most of their products are manufactured in Korea.

It has been a long time I step into this shop. I heard they upgraded a lot of their products.
So that day I went to Elianto since they were having sales. I thought of trying their eyeshadow since I saw that they extended their line of eyeshadows.

These are the eyeshadows I picked up. A total of 5 colours.

Wheat Yellow. There is nothing yellow about this eyeshadow despite its name.
It is a gorgeous champagne colour.

Fairy Purple. The name suits the colour. It is a cute colour, a lilac lavender purple.
A colour which I have been wanting to get for quite some time.

Sugar Brown. A nice mocha brown.
A colour which I use really often. No harm adding one of this into my collection of brown eyeshadows.

Cadmium Orange. A salmon orange which is very wearable.
I don't think I have an orange eyeshadow like this. So it's nice to have this orange now in my collection.

Sienna Gold. This is the only matte eyeshadow I got.
I have one-two matte eyeshadows, they are not my thing but I thought no harm getting one.
It is a matte mid-tone brown.

I picked up a palette to make my own eyeshadow palette!
The palette is very sturdy for an affordable price.

It has 4 spots to pop in your pot and a huge mirror!

My own neutral eyeshadow palette!

Just a tiny skincare haul from watsons

My skin has been acting super crazy lately with lots of breakouts.
So decided to pick up Nixoderm which people say works miracle on pimples.

The Biore UV Aqua SPF50+PA+++ is to replace a sunblock I got from Moscow. I feel like the sunblock is kinda breaking out my skin since I think it was not meant for face application.
This one is water base and it is really mild on the skin.

The Ginvera Nutri White Marvel Gel is a gel base exfoliater. it is said to remove blackheads and whitens. I really hope it delivers because I need to get rid of some acne scars and my "strawberry nose"

Last, a FOTD.

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