Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kiss Note - Etude House Haul

Remember I talked about the 40% off certain lines in Etude House.
Here comes the haul.

I love Etude House, maybe because of the packaging. I am all about cute and girly packagings.

The items I picked up. All lip items!?

Two Pink Tonic Lip Glass. I wanted to this get this after hearing about it from a youtube user "roseddalki". Check her out.
She gives informative reviews about Korean beauty products.

This is between a gloss and a tint. It is very interesting product, the product's texture is actually jelly-like and although it appears transparent in the tube, on your lips it will turn into a brighter colour.

I got mine in #2 Sweet Pink and #3 Peach Pink.
These were not under the 40% off. They were just on 20% off.


The Shini Star Lip Balm in #4.
A cherry flavour.

This lipbalm is a limited edition, produced for Shinee fans. I suppose.
I got it because of the cute tin, that will look good together with my Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek.

It is a deep dark pink, almost red.

The last two items are the main reason why I went to Etude House.
Yes. The Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk.
I was eying on these lipsticks.

The two colours I got.
PK005 and OR205.

The packaging is super girly and pricessy. 
The packaging like an upgraded version of their dear darling line lipsticks.



I feel like going back to Etude to get somemore items. I know I shouldn't
Anyway after Monday, I won't be posting much since I am gonna start my dreadful practicals. 
Goodbye Holidays. *sobs*

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