Thursday, August 30, 2012

Korean Beauty Haul #2

Oops I did it again. Another Korean beauty haul.

The first item i got is from this shop, Holika Holika.

This is the cream that I wanted for a long time but I am not sure whether I should get it because truthfully, I need do not need anymore base or primers.
I gave in in the end, I bought it.

Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish or also known as Butterfly cream.

Although it is placed under skincare category, it is actually a glow makeup base.
It comes in two option. Oily/Combination skin or Dry skin. The Oily/Combination comes in a purple whereas the Dry comes in a pink pot.
I bought the oily/combination.

This is how the pot looks like.
That's the downside, it comes in a pot so it is gonna be less hygienic. It didn't come with a spatula.

The pot close up. It is really cute.

The cute lid with the butterfly and brand name.

The cream in the pot.
Basically it is a shimmery white cream that corrects skin tone and brightens up the face.

Next is Etude House.
I didn't get much from Etude House this time because I didn't see anything interesting.

I just got something I need, another is a impulse buy.
I got an eyebrow pencil and a cream blush.

The eyebrow pencil is something I need because I do not have any. I never bother filling my eyebrows before but since I did my brows, I think it is time to fill in my brows and make it neater.
So far I am really liking this eyebrow pencil, it is cheap and really easy to use.

The cream blush is an impulse buy because it was on 50% off.
I just thought that an orange peach blush is a fresh colour since I do not own a colour like that.

Next, is all from Nature Republic.
I did a pretty big purchase from Nature Republic.

First part is Skincare.
Farm Fresh Foam Cleanser in Mung Bean.

Two face essence. Pine Tree Urban Detox Essence and Chestnut Pore Tight Essence.
I am using the Pine Tree Urban Detox, so far I like it. These two bottles are back ups.

Ice Jelly Primers.
I am suppose to get one only and it multiplied into three. Gah! Shopaholic First World Problems.
It was on 20% off so it turned out affordable after the discount, I just have to snatch them up!

I got in three flavours - Blueberry, Melon and Cherry.
I love the texture of this primers, it is very unique. It is very jelly-like and after you make a dent into the jelly, it will return to its original shape!
Also, it smells heavenly! They really smell like their flavours.

The melon.
Green is counteract with redness.

The Blueberry.
Lavender to brighten up the skintone!

The Pink!
I don't know what the pink does but I think it brightens too.

Two affordable lip tints. One in Red, the other in Pink.
After 20% off, these lip stains are really cheap. I am very into lip tints because I do not have to worry about reapplying since it stays on and also blame the Kfashion scene!

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