Monday, August 6, 2012

Romantic Fairy

Finally the long waited Hong Kong airport haul.
I didn't get around posting this haul. Oh my forgetfulness.

My transit in Hong Kong wasn't a long one, so I didn't roam around much.

All I did is hang around the beauty duty free. 
Then I spotted a brand that I love. This brand is only available in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, if I am not mistaken.

It is the ever so romantic, fairytale-like, girly, princessy Jill Stuart.

Without hesitation, I picked up the Jill Stuart Blush Blossom and Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N
They come in a nice pink packaging with some pop-out frame design on the box.

The casing for the Jill Stuart Blush Blossom Compact.
Looks like SailorMoon's compact? 

The colour I got is 04 Seductive Rose.

It comes with a stopper and a plastic on top of the gauze to stop the powder from spilling everywhere.
It comes in a light peachy pink and rose pink combo.
Very sweet.

The brush that the blush comes with. It is a very good complementary brush.
The design on it is so pretty, it is amazing.

Got myself two Jelly Eye Color N.
They are very famous in Japan especially amongst fashion magazine models.

The first colour I picked up is #13 Antique Chiffon.

Here is how it looks like in the pot.
The texture is fluffy, like a very fluffed up jelly.

Antique Chiffon is a medium taupey-steel colour.

A closer view into the eye jelly.
Yes they are shimmer bombs. Not for those who dislikes shimmer. It takes the whole shimmery look to a new level.

Personally I love shimmery eye colours because it opens up the eyes.
Yea, Asian eyes. 

The next colour I got. #10 Vintage Decor

It is a plummy mocha brown.
A very beautiful colour.

A closer look into the pot.

The last thing I got is Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes in #104 Fragile Opal.
This is the only one I didn't get off the Hong Kong Duty Free.

Since it is a limited edition, the design is different from usual, they added on some painted flower design under the plastic packaging.

Actually i this comes in a set but this is the only product I bought from my usual Japanese cosmetics seller.
I didn't want anything else except for the eyeshadow so I thought it is better to buy it individually.

It comes with fascinating colour combination.
A white, opal, pink and dark plum brown.

That's all I got from Jill Stuart. I literally broke my bank getting from Jill Stuart but it was all worth it.
I am gonna check out some of items the next time I stop by Hong Kong airport again. 

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