Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mini haul : divage & essence

I was browsing through the beauty store, wanting to try out new makeup products mostly,eyeshadows and I did a mini haul. 

Got items from very affordable brands like Essence and local Russian brand Divage. 

Essence has revamped their mono eyeshadows and promised smoother and better texture. I own a Essence eyeshadow in their old formula and I did not like it at all. I was not smooth at all with all the chunky glitters. 
Since then, I stay away from Essence Mono Eyeshadows.

The other day I was swatching the new revamped eyeshadows and It just amazed me how much better the quality has become. It is definitely much smoother and less chalky. The pigmentation is great too. 
I bought one to try out and I really like it. I will be going back to collect the eyeshadows. 

The shade I got is "All I Need". It is definitely the "All I Need" shade. With this shade you could definitely have a complete eye look. It is a metallic taupe. 

I don't know why I didn't take notice of these eyeshadows earlier because the texture, pigmentation of this eyeshadow is just like a dream. It feels like silk.
Definitely one of the best budget matte eyeshadow I have tried. 

The shade I picked up is 7307. 
It is a milk chocolate. 
Also, I am going back for more shades. There's a shade that I really like but it is out of stock. It is a purple taupe colour. Very gorgeous shade. 

I own these Divage lipsticks. They are affordable with a nice range of colours to choose from. 
I really like these lipsticks, it has a creamy texture and good pigmentation. They are long lasting especially the darker colours. They leave a stain on the lips. 

They have changed their packaging from a glossy finish to a matte finish. 
I like the matte packaging much better, it definitely looks more chic and sleek. 

3606 is a rose baby pink. 
It is a beautiful everyday colour.

I haven't really explored into Divage except their lipsticks, eyeshadows and nailpolishes. So far I am loving what I have purchased from Divage.
Their Velvet eyeshadows is a must try. 

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