Saturday, July 4, 2015

Eyeshadow fever : Catrice & Essence haul

I am back with eyeshadows haul. Looks like I have been on an eyeshadow craze ever since discovering Essence revamped mono eyeshadow and Divage velvet eyeshadow. Those two eyeshadows despite being so affordable, the quality is just so great.
They are becoming my favourite super affordable eyeshadows.

This time I wanted to try out other brands and somehow I went back to Catrice.
It has been a long time since I got any single eyeshadows from Catrice. This is the last time I got a single eyeshadow from Catrice.
Well, I love Catrice eyeshadows. Their eyeshadows are of great quality but of late the shade selections from Catrice didn't wow me. This time this one did. Such a gorgeous shade.

Essence Mono Eyeshadow in Triple Choc

Currently, I am into matte eyeshadows and Essence has a good selection of matte eyeshadows for an affordable price and good quality!
Triple Choc is a matte brown.
The colour is nothing special, just a typical versatile matte brown .I like the texture and pigmentation.

Catrice eyeshadow in "I wear my Plum Glasses at Night"
That is a mouthful for an eyeshadow shade name.

This shade is a plum with grey and brown undertones. It is absolutely gorgeous and it is also one of the colours that I am really into now. I am all for these type of plum grey eyeshadows. Not to mention, it is a versatile shade too. It goes with every look, a day or even a night look.
The finish is a matte ,despite being matte, it isn't chalky. The pigmentation is great too. 

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