Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Travel Diary: Australia : Follow me Great Ocean Road

We start of the day in Melbourne early with our tour to the Great Ocean Road. Visiting Melbourne will be not be complete without going on a road trip down Great Ocean Road.

The start of the road trip, we had a toilet break before the long journey down the Great Ocean Road.
Also a photo to kick start the journey.

Let the journey begin
The road of the Great Ocean Road is really winding, the tour guide advised those who get car sick easily to get their car sick pills, paperbags ready or even sleep through part of the journey to feel more comfortable.
I do not get car sick but at some point of the journey, I got a little dizzy. I guess the road is too hard for me to take.

Can you spot the Koala? Look close enough into the leaves.

The parrots are just fearless and the human head is probably their favourite resting place. My head felt a little ticklish with their little claws scratching upon my scalp.

First stop the Cumberland River. There's a lot of beautiful holiday villa and caravan along this river.
A great place to get in touch with nature.
Since it is beside the ocean, the wind is really strong, it is hard to get a nice picture without getting the hair all messed up.

We arrived the must-see attraction along the Great Ocean Road - The Twelve Apostles.
The Twelve Apostle, well not twelve now, is a limestone stack that is formed due to harsh weather and erosion.
The limestone stack stands strong and majestic at the Southern Ocean.

The Twelve Apostles.

After that, we drove west to witness the beautiful scenery of The Lord Ard Gorge and London Bridge
The Lord Ard Gorge.

Walked down to the beach for some great view and also photo sessions.

London Bridge.
The two rocks used to be connected until it dramatically collapsed in 1990.

Australia is a country with magnificent and beautiful natural attraction. Great Ocean Road is one of the most amazing I have seen. The natural landscape untouched and standing strong with glory just the epitome of Great.
The fierce rolling waves, the quiet forest and meadows, where tranquility meets power.
Definitely a worthy trip down the Great Ocean Road if you are visiting Melbourne. I would definitely take a trip down this road if I have another chance to visit Melbourne. 

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