Thursday, July 9, 2015

Current obsession : mini haul

From each recent mini hauls I made each time shows my obsession towards my newly found love - the Divage Velvet Eyeshadows. I just keep picking them up when I have a chance to pop into the beauty store.

This time I picked up the Divage Velvet Eyeshadow once again and Eva mosaic's blush.

Eva Mosaic blush in 11 Rose Silk
Eva Mosaic is a Russian brand. I never really ventured into this brand.
Somehow this blush was on sale and I really like the colour and glow it gives. It is a luminous coral shade.

Divage Velvet Eyeshadow in 7305.

I finally found this shade! I have been searching this shade high and low and now it is finally in my hands.
This shade is a grey-purple shade. It is absolutely gorgeous. Currently I have been collecting eyeshadows of shades as such.
Also, the Divage Velvet Eyeshadows have been my new matte eyeshadow love. They are so great, the texture and pigmentation is really good for the price paid. 

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