Saturday, July 11, 2015

KLIA - Malaysian Airport Haul

In Malaysia, you could not find YSL makeup counters and the one and only counter is available in the terminal of the international airport. Which is kind of sad because it is not easily accessible at all.
I have the chance to fly in and fly out Malaysia once a year, this time I took the chance and picked up some items from the counter.

I picked up three items from the counter. It does look little but it doesn't cost as little as it looks.

The gold light reflecting packaging makes it so hard to take a good photo of the items. In real life, the packaging is really luxurious and pretty looking though. Just that it doesn't go well with photography.

Yves Saint Laurant Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain in 2 Brun Glace

I didn't mean to pick up this item at all. I was suppose to pick up the YSL Kiss and Blush in 2 Rose Frivole.
The sales lady took the wrong item for me and since I was in a hurry,  I didn't realize until I was in the plane. What a big mistake she made.

This glossy stain is a brick brown colour, this colour has a vintage feel to it. It is not a colour that I would use on a frequent basis. Since I got and it is expensive, I would find ways to pull off this colour. I feel it would look good against my fair skin and brighten up my skin immediately.

The next item I got is the Gloss Bolupte Pure in 202 Rose Jersey.
Actually what drew me to get this product is its packaging. So beautiful. I always love YSL's luxurious and beautiful packagings.
I am not into shimmers, glitters in my gloss, so, I settled for the Pure range which are cream finishes.

Don't you just love the packaging. YSL never failed me with their packagings.
I am just sad that do not an extensive colour collection for their pure finishes. I think there's about four pure finishes in the collection and only one pink.
You know my love for pinks, if they release more pure finishes in various shades of pinks, I would have pick more of the Gloss Volupte for myself. Now, I will just settle for one.

202 Rose Jersey is a beautiful baby pink.
The glosses are a little on the sheer side, if you do not have pigmented lips, there will be colour pay off. They make good layering lipglosses.

Ofcourse, I save the best for the last.
The Rouge Volupte Lipsticks has always been on my wishlist for the longest time. I have seen and heard so much about this lipsticks.
What drew me again, is definitely the packaging. I would say that the Rouge Volupte packaging is definitely the prettiest lipstick packaging ever exist on Planet Earth.

There were two versions of the travel selections, one is the pinks, the other is a combination of a red and a bright orange. Ofcourse me being me, I would choose the pink which comes with the shade 8 Fetish Pink and 9 Pink Caress.

There's two boxes of lipsticks within the travel edition box.
The gold is really beautiful but not very nice for photography since it is highly reflective.

The packaging is definitely the epitome of luxury. I could stare at the packaging all day long and still be in awe with it. So beautiful.
The band in the middle represents the shade of the lipstick, so it makes it easier to see the shade without opening the lipstick.

9 Pink Caress is a muted medium pink with slight plum tones.
This colour goes well with almost every skintone but I can see this colour looking fantastic on darker skintone girls. Since it is muted, it makes a good everyday colour.
8 Pink Fetish is a barbie pink.
Compared to 7 Pink Lingerie, I find Pink Fetish much more wearable since it doesn't not have as much white tones in it. This will look good on fairer tone girls. A very fun, girly pink shade.

After getting hold of more YSL products, I still want more. I am very pleased with all the products that this brand has to offer, the packaging is of class and the quality is of top notch.
I am going to burn my wallet with more YSL items in the future. 

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