Friday, May 30, 2014

New camera!

It has been four years that my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR3 has accompanied me through this blog. 
You can click to this post to see when I first got my camera. it dates way back to 2010. 

Now I finally have another new baby. 
It's the Samsung WB800F. 

I chose this camera based on the reviews because in terms of price and image quality. This camera has a great rating. 
The extra bonus with camera, it's that it is a smart camera. That means there's Wi-Fi function on this camera that allows you to share photos instantly on Facebook, Picasa etc.

The screen of the camera is a touch screen.

USB ports. There's is no separate battery charger, to charge the camera, you can charge it with the USB 
wire connected to the power supply or computer. 

I will rotate between using my Panasonic Lumix and this new camera on this blog. I am keeping this Samsung camera for some photo taking during my next holiday since the image quality for this new camera, is more vibrant and sharp and my old Panasonic Lumix has the dark spot of death due to dust bunnies invading the sensor but since yesterday the dust bunny has disappeared since I dropped the camera hard. I broke the battery and SD card part but I got it handled with UHU glue. 

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