Saturday, May 3, 2014

A walk in the park

It has been a great weather yesterday with lots of sunshine and temperate weather at 15 degree celcius.

I went out for a stroll since I have 4 days off.
I went for a stroll at GUM, Red Square. They were prepping up the square for the 9th of May Victory Day celebration.

I stopped by Stolovaya 57 for a quick lunch.
It is a soviet style cafeteria that offers budget Russian food at the top floor of GUM. The concept is you take your own try and choose your starters, main course meal, soups, side dishes and desserts.
The price is not exactly the cheapest for cafeteria food but definitely very affordable if you are finding a budget eat out in the heart of Red Sqaure.

This is my meal.
Chicken salad with prunes, Buckwheat with mushrooms and meatballs and Vatrushka ( Bread with cottage cheese filling)

It is a very satisfying lunch, I couldn't even finish all I ordered and even shared my portion.

After lunch, we headed to the park in Sokolniki.
There's so many activities going on in the park and there's a lot of food there too.

I saw a group of old grannies and gramps having their own ballroom dance, it's fun to see the old folks having a fun time.
There was even a small bazaar in the park selling various honeys, pirogs, pirozhkis, rulets, all mainly Russian cuisines. There were even Mochi Sweets, which is extremely overpriced compared to the price in Malaysia and also Indian cuisine cooked by Indians.

A selfie of the day.

My makeup for that day is pretty subtle. I am using my Laneige BB Cushion topped with my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural.
Lipstick is Maybelline Popstick in Tropical Pink. I am so sad this has been discontinued because I really enjoy this lipstick. Everyone says it is rubbish but surprisingly it gives me a lot of colour on my lips, maybe it is because I got pale lips.

Look at greenery behind me. I love the colour of Spring. The leaves are in such a fresh green colour.
Unfortunately the leaves are going to turn into a mature green soon. So enjoy the fresh green before its gone. 

Also, I finally stopped by The Body Shop to pick up the Honeymania Eau de Toilette which I have been lemming after so badly.
There's a 40% off for the Honeymania line which is great. 
This eau de toilette is such a great steal. 

I am so happy with this purchase because I really love the scent of this perfume. 
I am going to smell like floral honey after this. 

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