Monday, May 19, 2014

A day in Moscow : International Museum Day

17th of May is Night in the Museum Day and 18th of May is the International Day.

During this day participating museums will have free entrance. In Moscow it's no less, participating museums offers free entrance into museums on this day.
I took advantage, and visited museums in central Moscow.

First, I visited the State Historical Museum. This museum is located in Red Square.
I didn't take a picture of the State Historical Museum this time but in the post, there's a picture of the museum.

I woke up really early to beat the crowd but it seems like there's isn't a great crowd at this museum.

The entrance hall.

If you do visit this museum, please get an audio guide unless you can somewhat read Russian because signs are all in Russians. Without a guide, you will be very lost in the museum.
There's an explanation of the room in English before the entrance though.

There's also a Gold collection gallery in the next room.

This museum is worth a visit if you are into historical. If you have to choose only one museum to visit in Moscow, I would say visit this museum. 

After visiting the museum. I went to GUM to get an ice cream. I always head there for Gastronom No. 1's ice cream. It is a must do thing if you ever visit GUM, get one of the ice cream. 
It's sort of like a novelty. 

This time I got the vanilla with chocolate shavings flavour. 

With my delicious ice cream, I headed to St. Basil's Cathedral. Can you believe it ? I have been in Moscow for over three years but I haven't stepped into the cathedral ever.

Around the cathedral they seem to have a drawing feast.Everyone is surrounding the cathedral, painting beautiful pictures of the cathedral. 

 A very close up view of the cathedral. 
I haven't step in so close to the cathedral. It's really beautiful to look at. 

Inside the cathedral.  Beautiful ceilings reminds of my trip to Italy. 

In the cathedral, there are 5 small chapels connecting inside this cathedral. Each room has its own fresco.

Being the most iconic building in Moscow, St. Basil Cathedral is definitely worth visiting. Do take a look inside too. It is worth going into the cathedral. 
There's climbing much stairs in the cathedral like those in Italy but the stairs can be quite steep for small people. 

The last museum I visited is the War of 1812 museum. 

I would call this the Stalin and Lenin memorial museum. 
This museum is packed with Lenin's and Stalin's stuffs. 

I almost missed the main section of the museum which is the War of 1812 part.
There were no exact directions on where to walk in this museum, luckily we noticed a entrance that we didn't go in.

Honestly if I had to pay for this museum, I wouldn't visit it. There isn't anything extremely interesting on display in this museum.

We tried to get into Kremlin State Museum but sadly being foreigners, tickets on that day weren't free for us, they were free for those from with Russian and the ex-Soviet countries' passport. 
The queue was madness and it was so hot. Since I had the student card, the price will be the same everyday, why not visit it another day and not join the madness. 

This ends my museum journey.

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