Friday, May 16, 2014

Sunday walk in the park

Good day to all the lovelies out there.

Last weened, I had a walk around the city since I had a long holiday.  Weather forecast was predicting that it was going to rain but somehow the weather took a better turn, it was sunny all day and the weather was temperate. 

A FOTD outdoors. 
By the way the lipstick I am using is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss in 101. I got to say, I really love this colour. 


Top : Sweat shirt is from Primark, inside blouse is from one of the clothes shop in Berjaya Times Square
Jeans is from Zara
Shoes is from Isetan
Shopping bag is from Primark.

I am along the Moscow River. Behind me is the Vorovyery Gory Metro Station which you can use to get to the park. 

Along this river there are cruises. You could take a cruise along this river for about 1.5 hours - 2.5 hours depending on which cruise service you opt and enjoy the view along the Moscow River in Spring till Autumn.

I am wearing my trench coat here as it was still the morning and the weather was still partly cloudy and the wind was strong. 

We had a picnic along the river, here are the foods I made. 

Pajeon ( Korean pancake with spring onions)

Rabokki ( Ramen and Korean rice cakes dish)

After a hearty meal, we headed to heart of Moscow, Kremlin. 
It was 2 days after the Victory Day celebration. There were a lot of people walking along the park there.

I headed to Alexander Garden where the Eternal Flame is located. 

There were a lot of flowers honoured for the soldiers who perished in the war. 
Can you see the mountain of flowers and even that day, 2 days after the celebration, there were more people bringing flowers to offer. 

The Eternal Flame (My camera wasn't able to capture the flame). 

That is actually a shopping mall, the shopping mall is located underground.

After everything, we headed to Arbat Street to get some Tutti Frutti!

Salted caramel and blueberry cheesecake.

Finally I could try some Tutti Frutti for myself. 

Fooling around in Arbat Street!

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