Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Little miss shopaholic : Essence & Maybelline haul

It's spring but the weather is temperamental over. One moment it's snowing, the next it's raining and next it's sunny back and the cycle repeats. Mother Nature is on PMS!
Even the flowers decided to call for an emergency and wilted.

Anyway, this is going to be a haul post. Yes, another haul post.
I just have been going very shopping crazy of late, it's just like the shopping bug hit me hard.

Last month I accumulated enough points on my beauty card. So, I thought it would be great to do some hauling this month since it's spring, when everyone is more in the mood to dress up , get all pretty with the great weather.
I visited the beauty supply store twice, so I am going to combine both of the haul into one.

These are the items I picked up from the store. I am a lippie person that's why there's so many lippies.

First, I picked up two lipsticks from Maybelline.

The Stripped Nudes Collection or in the US you all call it "The Buffs" has arrived in Russland!
I was so excited when I saw the stand in the beauty store and I went to swatch the lighter shades out.
After trying out the colours, I picked up 'Brazen Beige', I wanted to pick up 'Tantalizing Taupe' too but sadly it was all sold out.
The lighest shade 'Sultry Sand' was too concealer-like for me, I didn't like it as I knew the colour is going to wash me out terribly.
'Tantalizing Taupe' is a brown nudewith pinky undertones that will suit light-medium skintone perfectly. I am so sad that it is out of stock! Well, I guess I need to do some searching around to get hold of this colour.

Before I start talking about the shade 'Brazen Beige' which I ended up picking up.
Let me talk about the packaging, I can't be the only one loving the nude lipstick case. I find it so chic!

'Brazen Beige' is a peachy nude. The shade is between Sultry Sand and Tantalizing Taupe. It is a very beautiful nude on my skintone.

I picked up another Maybelline Moisture Extreme Collagen Lipstick. This one is in Windsor Rose.

I really love the formula of these lipsticks. It's really hydrating and it has a beautiful luxurious feel for a cheap price tag.
Windsor Rose is a cool-toned dusty pink rose colour, very gorgeous. This colour has been out of stock in beauty store for some time, I am glad to see it back in stores.

The next batch of haul is pretty much an Essence haul.

Let's start with the least interesting item.
Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in Grey-t to be here!

Grey-t to be here is a cream grey with pink shimmers. I find this shade extremely flattering on my skintone and the pink shimmers gives an extra 'oomph' to the grey. It makes this shade more unique and cute.

I found this in the discount bin with a great price, such a steal.To be in the discount bin, I guess it's discontinued then, that is really sad because this colour, is such a pretty shade.
I like the brand Essence, they offer a lot of great cosmetics for such a cheap pricetag but what irks me the most is that they discontinue items faster than lightning.

I picked up another Essence Metal Glam eyeshadow. I love these eyeshadows, they have a great velvety texture , the colours are gorgeous.

I got the shade in Chocolate Jewelery

Chocolate Jewelery is a metallic dark chocolate brown.
It is one of those neutral shade that goes with everything.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 13 Love Me

This is one of the new shades in the Longlasting Lipstick line.When I saw it in the stand,  I just had to pick it up.

Love Me is a gorgeous soft pink.

Here is a swatch of the lipstick.

It's one of favourite shade for lipsticks. It is one of those shade that goes with anything.

The last item I picked up is the Essence XXXL Longlasting Matt Effect Lipgloss in Velvet Rose.

Velvet Rose is light pink.

Also, unfortunately, It seems like they discontinued the Essence Stay with Me Lipcream line to replace with this line. Also, they didn't bother giving new names to the new line, they recycled the names!
How lazy that could be!

Here is my Velvet Roses side by side.

The difference between the old Velvet Rose and new one, it is that the older one contains more brown tones that it is a more pinky nude with brown tones as opposed to this light pink one.

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