Sunday, May 25, 2014

Make up organization #1

I never get around doing this type of post because my makeup organization over here in Moscow, is so messy, I just chuck everything into the hug makeup pouch and sometimes, it is even hard for me to find the makeup I want to use.
I need to rummage through the whole makeup just to get a lipstick in a colour I want because it is at the bottom of the pouch. 

Good things people. I just bought over a drawer from my graduating senior and now I have a much neater makeup organization over here and I thought I want to share with everyone. 

This is the Fira drawers from Ikea with I bought over.
I haven't seen these drawers around in Ikea anymore. Has it been discontinued?

It's pretty sad if it got discontinued, I find them to be a great drawer to get for makeup storage from Ikea. 

The first drawer is all of my eyeshadows.

Eyebrow pencils, mascara, eyeliners, undereye corrector, eyelid primer all go into here.
and ofcourse the Catrice concealer that doesn't fit anywhere.

Cheek stuffs. Blushes, highlighters go here.

The array of lip products.

I am self-confessed lip product addict. If there's one makeup I can't do without, it would be a lipstick. Thus, this explains my overflowing amount of lip products.

On the last drawer there's all my face stuffs - foundations, bronzers, CC cream, BB creams, Face mist, Oil etc.

That's all for makeup organization over here in Moscow. I will do one with my makeups at home all the way back in Malaysia when I return during my summer holidays.
I will make a yearly post about my makeup organization over here since every year, I do bring back my makeup collection from here back home and it is different every year since I switch up item I bring over from Malaysia after the summer holidays and I start collecting items anew. 

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