Thursday, May 29, 2014

Review : T.N. Dickinson's All Natural Witch Hazel Toner

It took me ages to go through this bottle, I bought it all the way from my Australia trip last Summer and finally about a week ago, I used it all up.

The toner comes in a 240ml bottle.
This toner promises to clean, sooth and tone naturally. Extract of the Witch Hazel plant help smooth pores, promoting clear fresh skin while assisting moisturizer and make-up performance.

The first time I use this toner, I notice the smell. The smell isn't exactly the most pleasant smell ever but it does go away after applying the toner. It doesn't linger on the skin.

The primary ingredient in this toner is witch hazel extract and the secondary ingredient is alcohol. Eventhough this product contains alcohol, I didn't see it dry my skin, infact after applying this toner my skin feels fresh and it doesn't leave a tightening effect.
My skin has been in a pretty good condition, this toner helped my skin to maintain its condition. It didn't cause any breakout or redness to my skin.

I wouldn't repurchase this toner not because it is not good or anything infact, it is a really good toner, it is just that it is very hard to get it from where I am living. It is not sold anywhere here. To those who has easy access to this toner. For a person who uses sparingly, the toner lasted me for almost a year! I use it daily.
I got it for about AUD7 (?) in Big W.

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