Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Roseroseshop haul

This is my first time placing an order on Roseroseshop. I used to get my dose of Korean beauty products from Qoo10 but the shops that I used to shop has since then become inactive or they do not stock up on new products as fast as they used to anymore.

I did some calculations. Since I am getting whole ton of items including my mum's and sister's items. So, even with shipping, Roseroseshop still has the cheaper price.
I got so much stuffs that my parcel was so heavy that EMS was cheaper than normal shipping. With EMS, shipping is lightning speed fast. I placed my order today and within 2 days my order has arrived to my home.

I will post my portion of the haul, I am not going to include my mum's and sister's items or our shared items because mostly they are not very interesting items and the post will be too long then.
We are only interested in the makeup bit, aren't we?

You all just know I have an obsession with lip products.

Innisfree Smart Foundation.
As I know of, this foundation comes in 4 different types to cater to different needs. You can either use the foundation by itself or mix it with other foundations from the same line with different functions to create your perfect foundation.
I picked up the Water Balancing since I am all about moisturization and dewy finish.

The foundation size is half the size of a normal foundation at 15ml but I did not expect it to appear so tiny.
The price of this foundation is really affordable at 5500 Won. So even by mixing and matching, it doesn't hurt the wallet.

A'Pieu Silk Light Skin Ampoule Foundation.
I am going to admit that I bought this foundation because it was cheap and pretty. Also, a total reminiscence of the Dior serum foundation or L'oreal Nude Magique foundation. You know along the lines of the super watery foundations.

Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge in Ballerina Pink.
I like Innisfree lip products. They have a fair share of good lip products so I just thought that I pick up their Real Fluid Rouge to try out.
It really reminds me of the Dior Addict Fluid Stick which I really love.

Ballerina Pink is a soft girly pink.

The other Innisfree lip products I got are the Creammellow Lipstick.
The name just got me. It seems like the lipstick will be creamy smooth and marshmallow soft on the lips. Sounds really good right?

I picked up two shades which is #2 Vanilla Pink and #5 Sweet Peach Butter

#2 Vanilla Pink is a pinky nude.

#5 Sweet Peach Butter. I do not know why there's a peach in the name because honestly in real life, I could not see the peach in it at all.
It is a bright rosy pink.

Etude House Color in Liquid Lips.
I just can't stop myself from getting this. Look at the packaging, isn't it so cute?

They also really remind me of the Dior Addict Fluid Stick. Looks like every brand have their version of the fluid stick.

I got two shades which are PK 006 and BE 102.

BE 102 is a pinky beige nude.

PK 006 is a rosy pink.

Aritaum Sugarball Cushion Blusher in Posy Pink

This line of blushers comes with two versions, one is the velvet which is powder form and the cushion which is in cream form. I picked up the cushion because I just wanted another cream blush. Most of my blush are in powder form and I just thought of extending my cream blush collection. Cream blushers have a beautiful natural finish with a glow which is ideal for those seeking the dewy natural look. Also, Aritaum is a good budget Korean brand. I have some items from this brand and so far they work well on me.

It comes with a sponge which can be neat but I doubt I will ever apply cream blusher with a sponge. 

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